Warnings & Precautions

JuJu is for individual use and should never be shared.

JuJu can be used in conjunction with the oral pill. If you are looking to use JuJu in conjunction with an IUD such as Mirena, please read more on Menstrual Cups and IUDs in our FAQs section.

Do not use JuJu as a contraceptive or during intercourse. A menstrual cup will not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

JuJu Menstrual Cup must not be used for postpartum bleeding, following a miscarriage or a termination due to the risk of infection. 

If you have previously suffered from TSS it is recommended no internal sanitary products, including tampons and menstrual cups, be used again unless under the direction of your medical practitioner. More on TSS.

If you have any concerns gynaecological concerns or questions regarding the suitability of a cup in your particular situation, please seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional.


Inserting your JuJu

JuJu is easier to insert and remove when you’re relaxed. Inserting or removing your menstrual cup only takes a few seconds. While it may take some practice, it will become easier as you become better acquainted with this product.

Give yourself a few cycles to become comfortable with insertion and removal. Remember to experiment with folds and insertion techniques. Using your JuJu is all about identifying what is comfortable for you.

Clean your JuJu before using it for the first time. See instructions in the ‘Cleaning and Storing’ section.

Step 1: Wash


Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Rinse your hands thoroughly and then rinse your JuJu in running water, as it's easier to insert your menstrual cup when wet. You can use water or a water-based lubricant on the entrance of your vagina, or you can insert your JuJu in the shower.

Step 2: Fold


Fold your JuJu into a 'c' shape using both hands - flatten two sides together then fold it over itself.

The video below demonstrates the most common 'c' or 'u' fold however more folds are available the FAQs Folds sections.

If you have difficulty getting your cup to open run your cup under cold water and try a different fold such as the 'punch down' fold which makes the silicone spring open easier. Conversely, if you prefer a softer cup, run your cup under warm water prior to inserting.

Step 3: Hold


Hold your JuJu firmly in your dominant hand, below the upper rim. Spread your legs and gently part your labia (skin around the vagina) with your free hand. Make sure the round side of the ‘c’ is facing up.

Step 4: Insert


Insert your JuJu slowly into your vaginal opening, with the ‘c’ side up. Direct it back towards the base of your spine, at a 45% angle, not straight up. Stop as soon as the cup and stem are not visible. You can insert your JuJu from a sitting, squatting, standing (with one leg raised) or kneeling position, whatever is most comfortable for you. The easiest way for most first time users is to squat down with the knees spread open.

Step 5: Check the seal


Ensure the cup has opened by either swirling your finger around the outside of the cup or you can try to rotate your cup to ensure there is a good seal. If your cup has not opened, try a few pelvic floor exercises to open it or re-insert and check it again. Wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Your JuJu can now be worn for up to 8 hours depending on your flow. Generally, you can wear a cup for twice as long as you would traditionally use a tampon or pad.


Removing your JuJu

JuJu can be worn for up to 8 hours. We recommend you remove, empty and wash your JuJu before going to bed and again in the morning.

With every cycle, you will become more familiar with your own rhythm and know when you need to empty your JuJu.

When learning to use JuJu, we recommend removing and emptying your JuJu in the shower if possible. You are likely to be relaxed in the shower, if you spill the contents while learning how to remove you JuJu it is easy to clean up and a bit of warm water can be used as a lubricant to aid with removal and re-insertion.

Step 1: Wash


Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Relax - removal is easier if you are not tense.

Do not try to remove your JuJu by pulling on the stem as this will increase the suction seal and make removal more difficult. Removing your cup by pulling the stem may also cause the stem to break.

Step 2: Remove


Remove your JuJu from a comfortable position. Squatting will shorten the vagina and make it easier to remove. Relax your vaginal muscles - relaxing your jaw will also help relax the rest of your body. Feel for the base of your JuJu. If you cannot feel your JuJu at the opening of your vagina, bear down slightly to push it lower. Squeeze the base of the cup with your index finger and thumb to break the suction seal. Fold your JuJu into a slim shape as you slowly pull one side out first and then tilt it and release the other side. Once removed, keep your JuJu upright to avoid spilling fluid. See FAQ - Removal if you are still having difficulty removing your cup. 

Step 3: Empty & Clean


Empty the contents into the toilet. Wash your JuJu in the sink with soap and warm water and then rinse it thoroughly. If a sink is not available, you can wipe your JuJu clean with toilet paper or rinse with water from a bottle.

Step 4: Re-insert


Re-insert your JuJu and wash your hands with soap and warm water.


Cleaning your JuJu

Before first use and at the end of each cycle wash and disinfect your JuJu before storing it.

In situations where you do not have access to clean water, for example when travelling, use bottled drinking water to clean and disinfect your cup.

During your cycle

Wash your JuJu with soap, warm water and a soft cloth or brush to remove any residual build up.

Ensure that the tiny holes at the top of your JuJu are clear as they help form and release the seal. The holes can be cleaned by squirting water through them or carefully use a toothpick (discard after use) to remove any debris.

Thoroughly rinse your cup, then disinfect.

After each cycle

Disinfect your JuJu by boiling it in a pot of water for 3 - 5 minutes (never boil JuJu for more than 5 minutes).


Storing your JuJu

After each cycle ensure your cup has been disinfected, dried and is put back in its own carry-bag until your next period.

Always store JuJu in a ventilated area; never keep in a plastic bag or airtight container as moisture cannot evaporate without airflow and your cup will not dry properly.

Over time, you might notice some discolouration of your JuJu. If this occurs you can cleanse your JuJu with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

If you notice any rips, tears or changes in the texture of your JuJu, it’s time to replace it.


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More questions?

If you experience any issues while wearing your JuJu, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.