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JuJu is available in two models.

Whilst there are hard and fast rules for selecting a model size, model selection is generally based on childbearing history but many other factors such as anatomy, age and pelvic floor tone may influence your cup size selection.


The following table is a guide to model numbers based on childbearing history;

Model    For
  1    If you HAVE NOT had a vaginal birth
  2    If you HAVE had a vaginal birth

Please note that the sizing recommendations should be used as a guide only.

If you have had a caesarean birth a Model 1 or Model 2 JuJu may be suitable.

When selecting a Model number, please also consider the other factors below in conjunction with childbrearing history.

Pelvic floor tone and exercise

If you have particularly strong pelvic floor tone due to practicing regular kegel exercises or other activities such as pilates, yoga or dance you may wish to consider a Model 1, regardless of childbearing history or age.

If you have had vaginal corrective surgery you may wish to consider a Model 1.

Virgins and young people

A Model 1 JuJu is recommended for virgins or if you are young but sexually active.


If you have a petite or small build, you may wish to consider a Model 1 JuJu.

If you have a larger build, you may wish to consider a Model 2 JuJu.


If you have a low cervix or short vaginal canal, a Model 1 may suit you well.

If you have high cervix or long vaginal canal, a Model 2 may be better suited to your anatomy.

If you have any gynecological concerns, such as a particularly long or narrow vaginal canal, we recommend you seek the advice of your medical practitioner prior to using JuJu to see if it is suitable for you.


If you believe you may have lost some vaginal and/or pelvic floor tone due to hormonal changes or age, a Model 2 is most likely to be a better fit.

Cervcial position

Your cervical position may also influence you ability to successfully use a menstrual cup. You can read more about Cervical Position in this blog article - Cervical Position.


Technical information

JuJu cup dimensions and capacities are as follows:

Model Capacity Diameter Length
(Rim to cup base)
(Rim to stem) 
1 20ml 40mm 46mm 65mm
2 30ml 46mm 50mm 69mm


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