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Troubleshooting & Tips

In this section we cover;


My JuJu doesn't feel comfortable. Why would this be?

When inserted correctly your JuJu should not cause you any discomfort. Check if you have inserted your JuJu too high. Alternatively, if your JuJu is beside rather than beneath the cervix, the cup will cause immediate discomfort. If this occurs, remove the cup, rinse it and reinsert it. 

If your cup is sitting low and the stem is causing any discomfort, please see information in Trimming the stem

In some cases people with a tilted uterus, pelvic organ prolapse or poor pelvic floor tone may find a menstrual cup too uncomfortable to wear. 

If discomfort persists, please discontinue use of your menstrual cup and seek the advice of your medical practitioner.



I'm finding it difficult to insert my JuJu?

If you have read the instructions in the user guide and are still having difficulties inserting your cup it may be worth trying a few different folds to find the one that works best for you. 

Also try allowing you cup to open just inside the vaginal opening then gently sliding it up into position rather than opening it deep in the vaginal canal.


  1. You're cup should 'sit' lower than a tampon.
  2. Some people, particularly those with strong pelvic floor muscles and/or a high cervix, find their cup naturally 'finds' it's own position higher up in the vaginal canal than where it was positioned to start with. This is OK but removal may take a little more practice if your cup is positioned higher in the vaginal canal.
  3. Your cervix location may effect the position of your cup with a low cervix resulting in your cup sitting low, near the vaginal opening and a high cervix resulting in your cup sitting much higher in the vaginal canal.
  4. The location of your cervix may change throughout your cycle. It is completely normal for your cervix to change position throughout your cycle and this may effect the position of your cup throughout your cycle as mentioned above



The stem of my cup seems to protrude. Why is this?

Some people find their cervix sits particularly low or may sit low during the earlier stages of their cycle. Your JuJu may also sit low if you have lost some pelvic floor tone. 

It's important to know that this is not uncommon and the stem has been designed so it can be trimmed if you find it too long. 

No part of the stem should be outside your vagina, as this will cause discomfort to your labia.

If the stem is too long, remove and clean your JuJu before using scissors to trim it. Only trim a small amount, approximately half a centimeter, at a time. Try wearing your JuJu again for an hour to see if it's more comfortable. If not, remove, clean and trim your JuJu again.

If you prefer, you can try turning your cup inside out and wearing it before trimming the stem to see if you find this more comfortable. Only try this method if and when you are comfortable removing your JuJu.



I am experiencing leaking or spotting. Why is this?

Most leaks are a result of not have a good seal around your JuJu. Use your vaginal muscles to clench and release your JuJu, to help it find the right position and form a seal. You can also pinch the base of your JuJu and try to adjust it with a few turns and swirl your finger around the outside of the cup to check if it has opened properly.

Ensure the holes are at the top of your JuJu are not clogged, as this may prevent a good seal. Blood left on the labia after insertion can be wiped with some tissue or rinsed with water to prevent spotting.

Spotting can also occur if blood is left in the vagina after your JuJu has been inserted. Once the cup has opened, swirl your finger around the cup to remove any excess blood left in the vagina.

If you have a Model 1 JuJu, you may need to replace it with a Model 2.

If you have a Model 2 JuJu or Model 4 JuJu, you may like to try pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles which hold the cup in position.

Insert your JuJu at a 45 degree angle, pointing at the base of your spine. Do not insert JuJu straight up, as this is not the natural shape of the vaginal canal.



I'm finding it hard to remove my JuJu?

If you have read the instructions in the user guide and are still having difficulties removing your JuJu here's a few extra tips;

  1. Firstly - relax. Removing your cup is likely to be the most challenging aspect of learning to use it and it will take time to get the knack. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and relax the jaw - this will help relax the rest of your body including your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.
  2. Locate your JuJu by finding the stem. DO NOT try to remove your cup by pulling it out using the stem - this will actually increase the suction seal between your menstrual cup and the vaginal wall.
  3. With your thumb and index finger, firmly squeeze or pinch the base of your cup (where the stem meets the bottom of the cup). This will release the suction seal. 
  4. Whilst still squeezing the base of the cup slowly move it down the vaginal canal to the vaginal opening. You can bear down gently to help move your cup down the vaginal canal.
  5. Slowly tilt one side out then the other.

Many people find removal easier to do in the shower where possible as not only are you relaxed but also less worried about spilling the contents of the cup.

It is also worth trying a couple of different positions; legs slightly apart, one leg up or squatting, to find out which position works best for you. Some people also find sitting on the toilet with the tailbone tucked under (or forward and upward) helps shorten the vaginal canal and makes your cup easier to reach.

Positioning your JuJu lower, just inside the vaginal opening when inserting, rather than higher in the vaginal canal may make removal easier too. (See the 'insertion' section in this FAQ).

I can't reach the base of my menstrual cup?

It is not uncommon for you cup to 'travel' and sit higher in the vaginal canal than where you originally placed it depending on the location of your cervix or other anatomical differences such as a retroverted uterus (aka a tilted or tipped uterus).  

It is important to avoid pulling on the stem of the cup before the suction seal has been released as this will increase the suction seal. 

If you are unable to reach the base of the cup with your index finger and thumb to release the seal because it is sitting particularly high, try the following tips;

  1. Give yourself an hour after waking before trying to remove your cup as gravity often helps move the cervix and cup lower.
  2. Try relaxation techniques such as placing the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, relaxing your jaw and follow by relaxing the rest of the body as getting upset will often cause the pelvic floor and vaginal walls muscles to tighten too and make removal more difficult. Trying to remove your cup when in a warm shower if possible as this can help relax the body too.
  3. Squat or sit or stand and tuck your tailbone under (i.e. tilt your pubic bone forward/upwards). This will help shorten the vaginal canal.
  4. Bear down. lightly.
  5. lf you are still unable to reach the base of your cup with your index finger and thumb to break the suction seal, slide your index finger only as high us possible up beside the cup.
  6. Press the cup with your index finger towards centre to break the seal first which will make removal easier.
  7. Continue to bear down as you remove the cup.

If you have successfully removed and are comfortable with this removal technique, then keep using your menstrual cup.

If you successfully removed your cup but still found it difficult, you may wish to give your body a break from using your cup and return to using tampons or pads till the end of your cycle. You can then practice;inserting and removing your cup in the shower a couple of times a week when you don't have your period so you have the hang of it when your next cycle starts.

To ensure the cup forms a suction seal with vaginal wall rather than the cervix (this can happen if the cup is opened to high in the vaginal canal), allow the to open just inside the vaginal opening, with the stem still protruding, then gently slide it into position.

If you are unable to remove your cup after multiple attempts at different times through the day, please make an appointment with your GP or visit your local Emergency Department.


What should I do if I have to empty my cup when I'm at work or elsewhere?

If you are removing your JuJu in a public toilet and you cannot get to a sink to rinse the cup, just wipe it clean with some tissue and reinsert it. You can also take a bottle of water into the cubical with you if you would prefer to rinse rather than wipe your cup.



How often should I empty my JuJu?

JuJu should be emptied every 8 hours. We recommend that you empty your JuJu when you wake and before going to bed; however, the frequency for emptying will vary from person to person and depends on your flow throughout your cycle. JuJu holds three times the fluid as when compared to tampons and pads, so it can generaly be worn for twice as long as you would wear a tampon or pad for.



What different kinds of folds are there for inserting my JuJu?

The most popular fold is the 'C' or 'U' fold however there are many folds you can experiment with. The following videos show some of the different menstrual cup folds:

'C' or 'U' fold
'Punch down' fold
'7' fold
'Double 7' fold
'Origami' fold
'S' fold
'Squiggle' or 'M' fold
'Diamond' fold
'Diamond' variation fold
'Triangle' fold


Do I need to remove my cup when I pee or poo? 

No, you do not need to remove your menstrual cup when you urinate or have bowel movement.

If your cup is causing any discomfort, please read the section on comfort.


I feel like I need to pee more often when I have my cup in. Why is this? 

There should be no discomfort when using your JuJu however some people do experience a sensation of needing to urinate when first starting out. This is usually because the cup is pressing slightly on your bladder/urethra and can be due to one or a combination of the following;
  1. Positioning of the cup
  2. Anatomical differences from person to person
  3. An incorrect sized cup
Some people find this resolves after using the cup for a couple of cycles on it's own without doing anything different however you can try the following tips;
  • allow your cup to open higher in the vaginal canal. Your cup should 'sit' lower than a tampon but sometimes will 'travel' and sit higher, depending on your anatomy (i.e. if you have a long/short vaginal canal). If you're anatomy allows for you to have your cup open higher in the vaginal canal a seal will be formed with the vaginal wall s higher up so will be less likely to cause this pressure on the bladder/urethra.
  • try a few different different folds.  Sometimes using a different fold will make it easier for you to insert your cup properly and many people have success with the 'punch-down' fold when they previously used the 'c’ fold but it varies from person to person.
  • if you are using a Model 2 you may be better with the Model 1 size.

My cup seems to move lower and almost popped out when I pooped. Why is this? 

It is more than likely an anatomical difference which is causing your cup to move lower when you have a bowel movement. Your large intestine may be pressing against the vaginal canal more that it does with some other people.
If this is not cause for concern for you, we recommend you remove your cup when you have a bowel movement. Alternately, if you do not feel it is hindering your ability to have a complete bowel movement, you can place your index finger near the vaginal opening to hold your cup in whilst having a bowel movement and then reposition it (i.e. gently slide it back up) when you have finished. 
To avoid the risk of infection, always follow good toilet hygiene habits by thoroughly washing your hands, wiping from front to back and by keeping genitalia and toilet area clean.
It may be helpful to do some pelvic floor exercises as your pelvic floor will help hold the cup in place. 
If you feel there may be some other medical reason such as pelvic organ prolapse, please see your health care professional to ask about the best from of treatment. 



What should I wash my JuJu with? 

JuJu Cleansing Wash has been specially formulated for use with your cup.

If you choose to use another brand of soap or wash, please use a mild soap and avoid;

  • oily or moisturising soaps which may cause an oily residual build-up on the cup
  • highly fragranced soaps which may which may irritate the delicate skin of the vulvar or vagina 

If you suffer from a skin condition such as dermatitis or psoriasis we recommend you continue to use your prescribed soap or wash on your cup.

Always thoroughly rinse your cup after washing ensure there is no residue left on the cup.


Do you make disposable wipes?

No, at this point in time we do not have disposable wipes. Residue left on the cup after wiping can cause some people to experience skin sensitivity. Disposable wipes are often flushed and even so called ‘flushable’ wipes continue to be the cause of many plumbing and waterway issues. Individual packaging of these products also generates extra disposable waste. 

We are keen to improving our product offering but will only do so if the product doesn’t put our customers’ health at risk and leave a negative impact on the environment.  

For the most part, wiping out your cup with toilet paper or rinsing it with bottled water will suffice until your cup can be properly cleaned with running water in the shower or sink.

If you are camping or hiking for longer periods of time without access to running water we still recommend you clean your cup daily and use bottled water and a sterilising solution such as Milton between cycles.


My menstrual cup has become discoloured, it's turned a yellowish colour. Why is this?

Staining or discolouring on your cup is due to residual build-up and is completely normal. It does not indicate your cup needs to be replaced.

Your cup can be clean with some rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth to remove most of the stains. 



How long will my menstrual cup last?

The lifespan of your JuJu varies from person to person and depends on how you care for and clean your JuJu. With proper care your JuJu will last for many years.

Some people choose to replace their cup after a couple of years because they do discoulour over time however this is a personal choice as a discoloured cup is still safe to use. 

Here's a few tips on extending the lifespan of your JuJu;

Removal and General Use

  • DON'T: Remove your JuJu by pulling the stem - this actually increases the suction seal between the cup and vaginal wall, will make removal more difficult and may cause the stem to break.
  • DON'T: Dig your fingernails into the stem or cup - this may cause the stem to break or cause small tears to appear in the cup or stem.
  • DO: Remove your JuJu by pinching the base of the cup with your index finger and thumb to release the suction seal.
  • DO: Regularly inspect your cup for rips or tears and replace your JuJu if you notice any signs of 'wear and tear'.


  • DON'T: Use harsh chemicals to clean your cup or clean it in the dishwasher.
  • DO: Follow the cleaning instructions included with your cup or in the cleaning section of the 'User guide' page.


  • DON'T: Store your JuJu in an airtight container as ventilation is required to allow your cup to dry completely.
  • DO: Store your cup in it's satin pouch.

Please follow the disposal instruction on the FAQ General Information page if you are replacing or throwing away your menstrual cup.

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