Our Story

JuJu was founded in 2009 by Brenda Tootell, who was driven by her desire to provide individuals with period care products that are better for their bodies, better for the environment and more economical.

We are a privately owned, socially responsible and environmentally conscious company based in Western Australia.

Since releasing the original JuJu menstrual cup in 2011, we have continued to evolve our product design based on customer feedback and now have four different models available. The JuJu Model 3 and Model 4 cups were designed specifically to meet demand from those with a particularly high or low cervix who previously struggled to find a menstrual cup that worked with their body.

In 2015 we also began offering JuJu cloth pads, in response to a growing number of people who were seeking eco-friendly alternatives to disposable pads and weren’t able to use a menstrual cup. This opened up even more options for those seeking ethical, healthy, economical and sustainable period product alternatives.

Supporting our local economy and workforce is important to us, which is why we choose to manufacture in Australia. JuJu packaging is also designed and printed locally, using recyclable paper and plant-based inks. We also use a packaging assembly service that provides employment opportunities to individuals of varying abilities and skill levels who may experience challenges with entering the workforce.

JuJu is still the only Australian made menstrual cup and is stocked in over 200 locations across Australia.

Our Vision

To educate and empower individuals to live a more sustainable lifestyle. To eradicate period poverty and the stigma associated with menstruation.

Our Mission

Through each of our products, we aim to provide individuals with a healthier, more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to disposable sanitary products. We believe that menstruation is a gift, not a burden and commit to using our platform to encourage open, honest conversations about menstruation.

Our Values

At JuJu, all of our operations as a business are in line with the following fundamental beliefs and guiding principles:

value-respect-small.pngBe Respectful

Value differences and diversity

Be Supportive

Offer support without judgement

Be Honest

Act with integrity, be open and sincere

Be Adaptive

Learn, innovate, create and embrace change

Be Responsible

Maintain ethical business practices

Be Compassionate

Give back to the vulnerable and disadvantaged


Our Products

All of our products are created to be sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty free and in alignment with our values.

The JuJu menstrual cup is manufactured in Australia from high quality medical grade silicone. Both the cup and its packaging are free from plastic, latex, fragrances and harmful chemicals. It was was registered as a Medical Device on the Therapeutic Goods Administration's (TGA) Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods in 2011 (ARTG No. 180153) and as an FDA listed medical device in the USA in 2017.

JuJu menstrual cup cleansing wash is tough on microbes yet gentle of this skin. It also made in Australia and is free from nasties such as sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and artificial colours and fragrances.

Each of our cloth pads are lovingly handmade from super soft, premium unbleached cotton. All of the organic cotton in our cloth pads meets the Organic Content Standard (OCS) and complies with Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). This is to ensure that the fabric used in our pads has been produced sustainably and under fair working conditions. The GOTS explainer video is a great resource that goes into more detail about this process.


Access to menstrual hygiene products is a major issue for people around the world, especially in communities that are economically disadvantage or where there is strong shame and stigma attached to menstruation. We believe that all people with periods should be empowered to care for their bodies and be free from discrimination that prevents them from participating in social, cultural or educational activities during menstruation.

This is why we are proud supporters of charities ‘Share the Dignity’ and ‘Days for Girls’. Both of these organisations are committed to ending period poverty through providing personal care products and health education to disadvantaged people within Australia and abroad.


Meet the Team


Brenda is the founder of Freedom Products. She is a champion for the production of sustainable products and business practices. With her background in User Experience Design she believes function should inform design and puts users at the centre of things she designs. Brenda loves getting out in nature, travel and thoughtful design.


Wearing many hats, Di is the busy bee of the office. She has worked at JuJu since 2015 as the Office Manager and ensure all wholesale and retail orders are filled and shipped in a timely manner. She’s super organised, keeps the office in order and also takes care of accounts receivable for wholesale customers.  


Like the fizz in a bottle of bubbles, Fenix is the effervescence of the office. Fenix has also worked at JuJu since 2015 and manages the warehouse; she ensures stock levels are maintained and co-ordinates the pre-packaging of products. Fenix also assists with filling orders on busy days when it’s all hands-on deck.


Rachelle is the newest member of the JuJu team, joining us in 2018. She creates content for our website and social media, and handles marketing and customer service enquiries. She is passionate about healthy, sustainable products and practices, and loves sharing tips to help our customers have a seamless transition when switching to reusable menstrual products. In her spare time, Rachelle loves getting outdoors, heading to a yoga class or getting lost in a good book. 



Freedom Products is a CO2 Neutral Website