Share the Dignity

 JuJu shares the dignity with women in need

October 2015

JuJu Cup is proud to announce its recent corporate partnership with ‘Share the Dignity’.

Share the Dignity was established by Rochelle Courtenay in response to an article by Mamamia’s, Mia Freedman. The article highlighted the number of homelessness people and the challenges facing homeless women when menstruating.

Share the Dignity believed sanity items should be a right not a privilege and setup donation boxes. In its initial appeal Share the Dignity collected over 1.5 million sanitary items to donate to various Brisbane charities.

In less than a year, Share the Dignity has expanded and aim to have 2,000 collection points across Australia. Collections will occur in April and August each year.

The public will now be able to donate a menstrual cup to women in need from the JuJu website. Cups can be purchased at a discounted price and they will be sent directly to Share the Dignity for distribution to shelters.

JuJu is an Australian made menstrual cup made from medical grade silicone. It replaces tampons and pads and is reusable. A single cup can be used for many years.

Brenda Tootell, the founder of the JuJu Cup, said “I believe that owning a JuJu Cup will benefit the lives of homeless and at risk women by making their monthly periods more manageable whilst not in permanent accommodation. By using a reusable cup these women will no longer rely upon donations of disposable feminine hygiene products each month. They will no longer be forced to choose between buying food or sanitary products nor resort to making makeshift pads from toilet paper thereby providing them with the dignity all women deserve.”


About Freedom Products

About Freedom Products: Established in 2009, Freedom Products is a privately owned and operated eco-friendly company. Freedom Products manufactures and markets JuJu period cup.

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