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November 10, 2013

It is estimated that a woman disposes of more than 10,000 throwaway feminine hygiene products in her lifetime. And, the impact on the environment is staggering, soil pollution, pesticide use, landfill, water usage and of course pollution. 

Enter the ‘JuJu Cup’, interesting name and interesting product. Often a taboo subject matter, JuJu Cup is aimed at starting a new and healthy conversation about feminine hygiene.

Brenda Tootell, director of Freedom Products want women to know that there is an alternative to feminine hygiene and it is better for them, more convenient and cheaper.

Brenda states “The JuJu Cup is met with one of two reactions from women, the first is ‘where can I get one?’ And the second is to be hesitant or even squeamish about the subject matter. We recognise it is sometimes a difficult conversation to have, but this makes it ever more important to start it now. Once women understand the product and the benefits, they usually come around quickly to the idea.”

So, what is it? The JuJu Cup is an Australian made, medical grade silicon cup that is completely safe. It is a healthier alternative to sanitary pads and tampons, with no harmful chemicals or toxins and it’s more economical as you only need to purchase one every ten years.

Brenda explains “many women haven’t considered the impact that their disposable tampons and pads have on the environment or on themselves, nor are they aware that alternatives such as the JuJu Cup exist. Menstrual Cups are a popular alternative to disposables in Europe and Scandinavia, and we are passionate that Australian women should have the same healthy choices’.

JuJu Cup recently won 2013 ‘Wellbeing Product of the year' and received a commendation in the ‘Wellbeing Company' category at this years Green Lifestyle Awards after being reviewed by a panel of judges from a range of green industry backgrounds.

The Green Lifestyle Awards recognises companies and people who are leading the change toward a cleaner and greener living environment.

“Being recognized as finalists in the Green Awards is very encouraging and will continue to motivate us on our mission to educate women about the choices they have for themselves and the environment.” Brenda says.

Key Facts and Figures

Green Lifestyle awards
Highly Commended for best company

Green Lifestyle awards
Winner of the best product


Freedom Products was established in 2009. It is a small, privately owned and operated eco-friendly company that launched JuJu Menstrual Cup in July 2011.