Four home remedies that might ease period pain

Some tricks from all over the world that swear relief from period cramps

We know how bad period cramps can get. Depending on your experience, they can range from being a light annoyance to straight up incapacitating pain.While we usually have our go-to fixes for pain management, we wanted to introduce some home remedies for you to try. Here’s our curated list of period relievers from the kitchen used worldwide. While not all the remedies are not proven medically, there seems to be a lot of collective answers to period cramps and other menstrual symptoms with natural remedies. Let’s look into some popular ones.

High Tea

Many people around the world consider herbal tea a strong competition to over-the-counter pain relievers. We’re not talking about regular tea, more like brewing fennel, chamomile, dandelion and red raspberry extract with water. While these herbal teas are already famous for being therapeutic and relaxing, the word is that they also help in reducing menstrual pain, bloating and fatigue.

All of these brews are anti-carminative (a fancy word for reducing gas) and have anti-inflammatory properties. The end result? They can induce calmness, ease digestion, cramps, and discomfort during your period. That means, you’re possibly a 5-minute brew away from soothing your aching stomach while menstruating. So brew that cup and let us know if it helped you in any way!

Essential Oils

Essential oils make for the best massages or  or part of some self-care aromatherapy. The word is that essential oils might extend a similar luxurious comfort and ease your cramps. Try adding a blend of cinnamon, clove, lavender, and rose in your massage oil base and massage your temples and lower abdomen starting the week before your period. They are great for soothing PMS stress and discomfort too. 

While essential oils have anti-inflammatory and tranquility properties that ease lower-abdominal pain and period anxiety effectively, they don’t work overnight. Massage and aromatherapy benefits of these oils come with longer term use. We’re betting because it reduces everyday stress, and less stress means our body reacts better to everything, including monthly pain. 

Ginger Magic

Out of every remedy, the magic of ginger is the one most-widely recommended and scientifically evident to cure the period problem. Many studies suggest that ginger may be helpful in relief of menstrual pain, bloating and heavy bleeding. This is because the compounds present in ginger control the excessive prostaglandin production that is directly linked to menstrual bleeding and cramps. Effective equally as dried powder or as peeled pieces in tea, ginger can definitely be a part of your easy period pack!  

Go Bananas

Eating a banana is a nourishment party for your peridot. It’s rich in vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. It helps in regulating your mood, preventing water retention, bloating, and controlling the severity of cramps. What’s more, filling your tummy with micronutrient-rich bananas doesn’t just provide your body the nourishment to deal with your period better, but also controls sugar cravings.


Is there a particular home remedy that you’ve been using to ease your period? Do you have a family recipe that swear period cramp relief? Don’t hold back. Share your experiences with your fellow menstruators!

Disclaimer: The remedies mentioned in the article are not necessarily medically proven and are based on menstruators’ opinions and anecdotes worldwide. Please consult a doctor before making any major changes to your diet.