JuJu Period Underwear FAQs

When it comes to period care, we’re all about options. Finding something that’s most comfortable for YOU is the most important thing - and if you can choose something that’s reusable and better for the environment too, it’s a win-win!  

Whether you're a dedicated menstrual cup user, love to snap on a comfy reusable cloth pad or slip into a pair of period panties, there's a reusable period care product to suit all preferences. And now we have all three options in-store at JuJu! Our new absorbent period underwear is here, available in sizes 6-18 with two different levels of protection. 

Here are the answers to lots of the most frequently asked questions we've been receiving about our new period-proof underwear. Can't find the answer to your question here? Feel free to contact us

How does period underwear work?

JuJu period underwear fits just like regular underwear but has built-in absorbent layers in the gusset (crotch) and up the back to absorb period flow or light bladder leakage. They also contain a leak-proof outer PUL layer to prevent leaks. JuJu period panties can be worn alone to absorb a light to regular period flow, or can be worn as extra protection against leaks while wearing a menstrual cup or tampon. After wearing, they are then washed, dried and re-used - just like your regular undies!

What is JuJu period underwear made of?

JuJu absorbent underwear has a silky-smooth spandex/nylon outer, and a breathable cotton gusset. The medium absorbency underwear has two layers of absorbent cotton sewn into the gusset, and a waterproof PUL backing layer. The heavy absorbency underwear has one layer of absorbent cotton sewn into the gusset, along with one layer of ultra-absorbent terry-towelling and a waterproof PUL backing layer. They are designed with ultimate comfort in mind, so are completely tag-free and packaged in plastic-free packaging.

How often do you need to change period underwear?

You can wear one pair of JuJu absorbent underwear for up to 8 hours, but they may need to be changed sooner depending on the heaviness of your menstrual flow. If you do need to change during the day, you may wish to carry a waterproof wet bag with you to store your used underwear until you get home and can wash them.

Are they suitable for heavy bleeding and postpartum bleeding?

JuJu absorbent underwear is not suitable to be worn alone for heavy periods (we recommend wearing them as a backup while wearing a menstrual cup or tampon) or heavy postpartum bleeding, unless you plan on changing them frequently. They can be worn alone for lighter postpartum bleeding or discharge.

How much fluid do they hold? Are they as absorbent as disposable pads, and will I feel wet?

Our medium protection underwear holds up to 5ml of fluid (equivalent to 1 mini tampon), while our heavy protection underwear holds up to 10ml of fluid (equivalent to 1 regular tampon). Please keep in mind that our period underwear does not contain any of the chemical absorption agents used in disposal pads, so they don’t absorb as much fluid or feel quite as dry. They feel similar to if you were wearing a reusable cloth pad.

Will they leak?

If changed regularly in accordance with your flow, JuJu period underwear shouldn’t leak. Each pair has a built-in waterproof layer that runs through the gusset and up the back to prevent leaks.

Do they smell?

Menstrual fluid can start to smell after being exposed to the air, but as long as you change your JuJu period underwear regularly, it shouldn’t smell. Please keep in mind that our underwear doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances or chemicals to mask odours, as can be used in disposable pads or incontinence underwear - as such, they won’t completely mask the smell of urine if being used for LBL or urinary incontinence.

Can they be used for LBL or incontinence?

Yes, our absorbent underwear is a comfortable, discreet and reusable alternative for protecting against light bladder leakage or light urinary incontinence. As mentioned above, please keep in mind that our underwear doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances or chemicals to mask urine odours as some disposable incontinence products do, so they should be changed regularly.

How do I wash/care for my JuJu period undies?

After wearing, JuJu absorbent underwear should be rinsed under cold water until the water runs clear, then washed on a cold machine cycle with a gentle detergent and line dried. They can also be hand washed. Do not tumble dry, iron or bleach your JuJu underwear, or use any fabric softeners on them as this can reduce their absorbency.

How do I choose the right style and size for my body? Can I return or exchange them?

We have three different styles of period underwear available:

Bikini - suitable for those who like less coverage or wear low-cut pants. Available in size 6-16 (AU)

Midi - best for those who like a boyleg style cut with more coverage across the backside. These are our most popular style and available in size 8-18 (AU).

Full Brief - this is a higher waisted style for those who like more coverage across the tummy and backside, and are a great option for wearing under high waisted outfits or for more protection overnight. Available in size 8-18 (AU).

Each style has a size guide complete with measurements listed on their product page. It's best to compare these measurements to the measurements of your current favourite pair of underwear rather than measuring your body to get the best fit. For hygiene reasons, our underwear can’t be returned or exchanged, so please use these measurements to select the best size for you.

How long do they last?

We chose to manufacture our absorbent underwear with a nylon/spandex outer layer as this washes and wears better and is therefore longer-lasting than fabrics such as cotton. You can wash and reuse them for many cycles, and with proper care, one pair should last 2-3 years or more

Can you swim while wearing period underwear?

No, our absorbent underwear is not suitable for swimming - consider wearing a menstrual cup instead!

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