How Long Does a Menstrual Cup Last?

One of the best things about menstrual cups is that they can be reused again and again, for many years - saving waste, and saving money! But how long does a menstrual cup last, and how do you know when it’s time to be replaced?

Firstly, we should note that there is no ‘rule’ about the lifespan of a menstrual cup. This is why we don’t give a set time limit on when you should replace your JuJu Menstrual Cups. Medical-grade silicone is incredibly durable and some people find that they can use the same cup for 7 years or more with no issues, whereas others might need to replace theirs after 2-3 years. It all depends on how often the cup is used, how long it is worn for, how well it is cared for and can even depend on your body’s individual pH!

Some menstrual cup users like to replace their cup every couple of years just for peace of mind, or if their cup has become stained (read more about how to prevent and remove menstrual cup stains here), although it is not necessary. 

How do you know when it’s time to replace your menstrual cup?

It’s time to replace your menstrual cup if: 

  • You notice any cracks, tears, holes or other damage
  • Your cup develops an odour that can’t be removed with regular cleaning
  • The surface of your menstrual cup changes texture or colour (other than regular staining, which will look yellow or brown)
  • You need a different size after pregnancy or childbirth, or due to changes in your pelvic floor (read more about the JuJu Cup sizing guidelines here)

How to dispose of your menstrual cup

Unfortunately, here in Australia silicone is not readily recyclable and silicone is not biodegradable. You should dispose of your JuJu Cup at the end of its life by cutting it into small pieces and placing in your household rubbish. For hygiene reasons, used menstrual cups should not be donated or sold to others. 

Menstrual cups aren’t biodegradable or recyclable… are they really eco-friendly?

Yes! Even though your JuJu period cup will likely end up in landfill, it is still a reusable product that will save hundreds of disposable pads and tampons and their associated plastic packaging from ending up in landfill each year.

It’s also worth considering the resources used to create each disposable product you use - for example, the amount of water, fuel and pesticides used to produce the cotton used in tampons that are worn for only a few hours before being thrown away.

Even if you purchase a few menstrual cups in search of your perfect fit, or if you have to replace it after a few years, it is still a much more sustainable alternative - especially when you consider that the average person with periods will use around 300 disposables each and every year!


Getting the most life out of your JuJu Cup

Caring for your JuJu Cup by following the detailed cleaning and care instructions is the best way to get as many years of use as possible. Always be extra mindful to: 

  • Set an alarm when boiling your JuJu Cup to avoid over-boiling or burning on the stove.
  • Never pull your JuJu Cup by the stem when removing. The stem is designed to help you locate the cup inside you, but you should always grip the base of the cup to remove it instead of pulling the stem. Pulling on the stem can cause it to weaken over time and break.
  • Prevent staining by rinsing your JuJu Cup in cold water first and never exceed the recommended wear time.
  • Only store your JuJu Cup in a breathable fabric pouch

With proper care, your JuJu Cup will give you many years of period bliss!