How Many Cloth Pads Do You Need?

Starting your journey with cloth pads and wondering how many pads you need to get you through your period? Here’s a guide to how many cloth pads you should keep in your stash to suit a light, moderate or heavy flow. 

Firstly, we’ll note that while these guidelines will suit most people, you might prefer to have more or less cloth pads in your collection depending on the length of your cycle, how often you prefer to change and how often you do laundry. To keep it simple, we’ve based this guide off using and washing each pad once per cycle, and changing every 4-6 hours (except overnight).

For a very light flow

If you consider your period to be very light, lasting 3-4 days, we recommend a collection of pantyliners, mini pads and regular pads. Around 12-16 pads in total should be enough for one cycle. JuJu cloth pantyliners are best for when you are spotting at the very start and end of your period. Mini pads will be suitable for use during the day, while you may prefer regular pads at night when you go longer between changes. 

For a light flow

For a light flow lasting 4-6 days in total, a collection of approximately 16-24 pads should be suitable. We’d recommend a combination of pantyliners for spotting, mini or regular pads for light bleeding days and regular pads for night time. Our Light Flow Pad Pack is a great starting point!

For a moderate flow

If you have a moderate or regular flow that lasts 4-6 days, it’s best to build a collection of around 20-30 pads with a mix of mini, regular and large sizes. You may also want to add some pantyliners to your stash for any spotting at the very start or end of your period. The best place to start with building your collection is with our Moderate Flow Pad Pack, which includes 2 mini pads, 3 regular and 2 large. Our triple pad packs are also great for adding to your stash over time. 

For a heavy flow

A heavy flow lasting 4-6 days will need around 24-32 pads, with a mix of regular, large and night pads. All JuJu cloth pads (except for our pantyliners) have the same 4 layers of absorbent cotton and leakproof backing, however the larger size pads have more area to absorb your flow. The Heavy Flow Pad Pack is a great starting point! If you have a heavy flow, you might wish to consider pairing the JuJu menstrual cup with your pads for added protection. 

Can I use cloth pads for a very heavy flow?

If you have a very heavy flow, we recommend using JuJu cloth pads in conjunction with a JuJu menstrual cup for adequate protection. If you can’t use a menstrual cup or prefer period protection that is worn outside the body, opt for a collection of JuJu night pads which you can build with our Triple Pad Packs, and consider wearing them in conjunction with JuJu leakproof underwear for extra peace of mind. 


Getting started with cloth pads doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

You don’t need to go all in and make the switch to cloth pads all at once - it’s perfectly fine to build a collection slowly, or even use a combination of reusables and disposables while you transition. Our Flow Pad Packs each include 7 pads of various sizes to suit different flows, or start with our Sample Pad Pack if you’re not sure what sizes will be best for you.