How to Prevent and Remove Menstrual Cup Stains

If you’ve been using a JuJu Cup for a while, you may notice that it starts to become stained or discoloured over time. It’s totally normal and it’s ok! As long as you’re cleaning and sanitising your menstrual cup as per the recommendations, stains or discolouration don’t mean your menstrual cup is unclean. It’s simply a reaction that occurs when the silicone cup comes in contact with menstrual blood for an extended period of time. However, we understand that some people prefer to keep their cup looking like new - it’s a personal preference. Here are some tips for preventing menstrual cup stains, and removing any menstrual cup stains that may have built up already. 

Preventing menstrual cup stains

Always rinse in cold water first

Rinsing your menstrual cup in warm or hot water will make stains stick, so it’s best to remove any residue with cold water before washing with warm or hot water. 

Don’t leave your cup in for too long 

In line with recommendations from the Theraperutic Goods Administration in Australia, you should empty and clean your JuJu Cup every 8 hours. Leaving your cup in for longer than this could increase the risk of infections like TSS, and it can also result in more staining and cause odours to develop on your cup. 

Use a menstrual cup wash 

When emptying and cleaning your JuJu Cup during your period, it’s best to use a menstrual cup wash like JuJu Cleansing Wash to keep it hygienic and to help prevent stains. 

Choose a coloured JuJu Cup 

While this is not technically a way to prevent stains, it is a great way to disguise them! Clear menstrual cups show stains much more than coloured cups. The JuJu Cup is also available in vibrant pink and blue, which hide stains while adding a little more colour to your day.

Removing menstrual cup stains

If your cup has already become stained or discoloured, it depends on the severity as to whether you will able to get it looking crystal clear again. Here are some things you can try: 

Soak in menstrual cup wash 

Take a small container and coat your JuJu Cup in JuJu Cleansing Wash and leave overnight, then rinse well. 

Allow your cup to dry in the sun 

Sunlight can help to fade stains from period cups. After doing your usual menstrual cup cleaning routine, place it in a protected spot full sun for a few hours to dry. Always keep your cup well out of reach of pets and children! 

Do a bi-carb soda soak 

Fill a small container with hot water and add ¼ teaspoon of bi-carb soda. Place your cup inside and allow to soak for 2-3 hours, then rinse well and clean thoroughly to remove any residue. 

Use rubbing alcohol 

Isopropyl alcohol is fantastic for removing stains on many surfaces, including silicone menstrual cups! Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth the rub the surface of your JuJu cup to lift stubborn stains. Be sure to thoroughly clean your cup after using rubbing alcohol to remove any residue that might cause irritation to your body. 

When to worry about discolouration

Normal staining or discolouration caused by the silicone coming in contact with menstrual blood will usually look like a yellow or brown tinge. If your cup has changed to any other colour, it’s likely that it has come into contact with dye or something else that has caused the staining. If this is the case, we recommend replacing your cup. You simply never know what is in the substance that has rubbed off on the surface of your cup and it’s better to be safe than to expose your sensitive areas to any possible nasties. 

Remember: stains do not mean your cup is dirty!

It’s important to remember that staining and discolouration are totally normal and don’t indicate that your JuJu Cup is defective or unclean. As long as you follow the recommended cleaning and sanitising instructions, it’s perfectly safe to continue using a discoloured menstrual cup. Some people prefer to replace their cup every couple of years due to staining, however it is really not necessary. If discolouration is a concern for you, it’s best to choose the pink or blue JuJu Cup to disguise stains.