How to Trim the Stem of your JuJu Cup

You may find it necessary to trim the stem on your JuJu menstrual cup if your cup is fitting comfortably inside your body without any leaks, but the stem is protruding outside the vaginal opening. This may be the case for you if you have a low cervix, or if you prefer to wear your cup lower in the vaginal canal. If the stem is protruding outside your body, it can cause irritation or discomfort around the vaginal opening as you move throughout the day.

Remember, it's best to use your cup a few times and get the hang of insertion and removal before trimming the stem - as once it’s been trimmed, you can’t put it back on! 

Will trimming the stem ruin my JuJu cup?

No. The stem on the JuJu Cup models 1, 2 and 3 are all designed with three rounded nodes that allow it to be trimmed easily without damaging your cup. If trimming the whole stem off, be careful to stay below the flat section on the very base of the cup to avoid damaging the base, which will result in leaking.

What if I trim the stem too short?

To avoid trimming your stem too short, make sure you can reach the base of your JuJu Cup easily before going ahead. This will ensure you can still locate and remove your cup without the help of a stem. Only trim one node at a time, even if you think you need to trim the whole thing. You may also want to try flipping your JuJu Cup inside out and getting a feel for inserting and removing it without a stem first.

Keep in mind that your cervix may move higher or lower on different days of your period, which will affect where your cup sits and how much of the stem you should trim.

How to trim the stem of your JuJu menstrual cup


STEP 1: Make sure you can comfortably reach the base of your JuJu Cup to remove it and get familiar with whether your cervix moves up and down during different days of your cycle. Feel to see how many nodes are protruding outside the body so you know how much you may need to trim.

STEP 2: Take some clean scissors and disinfect them by boiling in water for 5 minutes, or using rubbing alcohol. Consider using nail scissors (they’re easier for cutting small areas), but regular scissors work fine too.

STEP 3: Trim one node with your scissors, being careful not to create any jagged edges. Try wearing your cup again to check the stem length. Repeat if required, trimming additional nodes until your stem is at a comfortable length for your body. Keep in mind that your cervix may move up or down on different days of your cycle, so you may want to wear the cup over a day or two before trimming further.

STEP 4: Use rubbing alcohol or boiling water to disinfect your scissors when you’re done. 

Easy! You should now be able to wear your JuJu menstrual cup comfortably without the stem protruding outside your body and causing irritation. If you have a particularly low cervix, you may wish to consider the JuJu Model 4, which is designed with a shorter overall length and stem to fit comfortably inside the body.