Can I use a Menstural Cup during Sex?

Today we address the controversial question we have heard countless times: can you have sex while wearing a menstrual cup?

Many people find that wearing a menstrual cup during their period makes them forget that they’re on their period at all. Which is great; until you and your partner are getting hot and heavy and are brought to an abrupt halt by the little silicone warrior that is guarding your cervix.

So, do you stop and risk ruining the moment to remove it, or just keep going? Or perhaps you are considering whether your menstrual cup could solve the problem of messy period sex?

Before we get started with addressing this, let us clarify that we’ve got absolutely nothing against period sex. In fact, some people experience a surge in libido during their period (thanks, hormones!) and it is also known that orgasms can be beneficial for relieving period cramps. If you and your partner love having intercourse during your period, go for it!

But the verdict from us it to remove your JuJu cup before vaginal intercourse. Period cup sex is less than ideal, and here’s why:



It is likely to be uncomfortable for you and your partner.

For those who are curious, yes, it is possible to have penetrative vaginal sex with a menstrual cup in. The vagina is not a simple tube with the cervix positioned at the end (rather, the cervix is sometimes positioned further down towards the vaginal opening, and the vaginal “tube” can continue on for a little while past the cervix). Plus, sexual arousal can cause the vagina to increase in length. So, if you were to attempt intercourse while wearing your cup, it may be possible if the penis can squeeze around it inside the vaginal canal.

But that’s not to say it’s a good idea!

The JuJu cup is made from sturdy silicone that allows is to be reused over and over again for years. The firmness of a reusable menstrual cup means it will be pretty uncomfortable for you if it is pushed upwards or sideways against the cervix during intercourse. Plus, your partner is very likely to feel the cup during penetration.


The stem and grips are risky for the penis.

If your partner has a penis, the last thing they want is to be poked by the stem of your JuJu (especially in the urethra - ouch)! Even if you choose to trim the stem, the grip pattern is also a problem. It is designed to be grippy - which is good for removal, but not so good when it causes unpleasant friction and irritation from rubbing against a penis. You just don’t want to risk any painful mishaps.


Your cup may be pushed too high in the vaginal canal.

Any back and forth action during sexual intercourse is likely to push your JuJu further up inside the vagina, which could make it very tricky to remove when you’re done AND result in leaking if it is pushed up past/behind the cervix.

It probably just won’t work.

If the risks aren't enough to put you off trying period cup sex, you should also keep in mind that it probably won't work how you want it to anyway. A menstrual cup uses a suction seal to stay leak-free, and the chance of this seal being broken during all the action of intercourse is pretty high. Once the seal is broken, your cup is easy to move around and is almost guaranteed to leak. If you thought regular period sex is messy, period sex with a menstrual cup that has just spilt a few hours worth of your flow is a whole lot messier!


The bottom line?

Reusable menstrual cups are great to use during other forms of sex such as oral sex, anal sex (although, keep in mind that this may still disturb the position of your cup) or mutual/solo masturbation for those who want to avoid coming in contact with menstrual fluid. But for penetrative vaginal sex, it’s always best to remove your cup before you get started. It's not worth the risk and your partner will probably thank you!