Why You Should Measure your Cervix Before Choosing a Cup

Cervical position is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a menstrual cup - but surprisingly, it’s something not many people know anything about!

Why does cervical position matter?

The position or height of your cervix will ultimately determine whether you need a longer or shorter menstrual cup. In fact, we’re so passionate about the importance of cervical position when it comes to having a positive menstrual cup experience that we designed our four JuJu Cup models around it! You can read more about how to measure your cervical position and select the right JuJu Cup in this guide. 

Choosing a menstrual cup for a low cervix

If your cervix is lower, you’ll need to choose a shorter menstrual cup that can fit comfortably inside the vagina and below the cervix to catch your flow. The JuJu Model 4 is made especially for those with a low cervix, or you can choose to use a JuJu Model 1 with the stem trimmed if you need a smaller, narrower cup. A longer menstrual cup will be quite uncomfortable if you have a low cervix, as the base will likely protrude outside the vagina and cause irritation, or the rim may press against the cervix and cause pain.

Choosing a menstrual cup for a high cervix

If your cervix is higher, you’ll benefit from choosing a menstrual cup with a longer body so it’s easier to reach when it comes time to remove and empty. It’s always recommended to pinch the base of your cup to remove it rather than relying on pulling the stem, so if you struggle to reach the base choose a longer cup like the JuJu Model 3. If the unthinkable happens and you can’t reach your menstrual cup or think it is stuck, read these tips (and don’t panic!)

Help! I can’t find my cervix!

Some people might have trouble finding their cervix - after all, it is quite hidden! Keep in mind that your cervix is not always located straight up inside your vagina, and can sometimes be slightly off to the side, or tilted forwards or backwards. This is particularly common if you have a tilted or retroverted uterus

Your cervix will feel like a firm, rounded bump, kind of like the tip of your nose. During the ovulation phase of your menstrual cycle, it may move higher and become softer, making it even trickier to find. Your cervix might move around at various stages of your cycle, so we always recommend measuring your cervix during your period to give an accurate idea of which menstrual cup will be best for your body. For even more accuracy, measure your cervix at the start, middle and end of your period, as it can be on the move.

If you can’t find your cervix at all, this might also be an indication that you have a particularly high cervix and should choose a longer menstrual cup. 

How to find your cervical position

Measuring your cervical position is easy - all you need is your index finger, and a ruler if you want to get really accurate! You’ll find all you need to know about measuring your cervical position (with helpful pictures) on our Cervical Position page. 


My cervix is high or average one day and low the next... which cup do I choose?

It's very common for your cervix to sit lower during the first couple of days of your period, then move slightly higher. For most, the change won't be too significant and you'll be able to use the same cup for the duration of your period. For others, it might be necessary to use two different size menstrual cups - for example, JuJu Model 4 on your 'low cervix' days, and JuJu Model 2 on the rest when your cervix moves higher. If you require two different sizes, consider choosing the JuJu Cup Double Pack