5 of the Best Period Tracker Apps

It’s never fun when your period takes you by surprise. Whether your cycle is regular it not, keeping track of your symptoms throughout the month can make it a whole lot easier to predict when your period will be arriving. Luckily, smartphones have come to the rescue! Here are 5 of the best period tracker apps to help you master your cycle and prevent that dreaded panic dash to the bathroom. Oh, and they will save your favourite undies, too.

Clue Period & Health Tracker

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists journal named Clue as the top free period and ovulation tracker. It’s more than just a period calendar - you can use it to add notes about your PMS symptoms, cervical fluid, sexual activity and how heavy your flow is. It also allows you to track which period products you used during your cycle (which is how some menstrual cup users have discovered how their period has changed since making the switch from tampons and pads).

Clue Period Tracker App

Ovia Fertility and Cycle Tracker

This is a great app if you are tracking your cycles while trying to conceive, as it acts as a fertility tracking app too. It will show you when you are most fertile (even giving you a “Fertility Score”) so you know when to start trying. There are also lots of resources on sexual health and fertility linked within the app, along with a community forum for asking questions. If you’re not trying to conceive you can still use the app, just select “non TTC mode”.

Ovia Period Tracker App

Flo Period Tracker

Flo can help you track the basics, like the length of your cycle and duration of your period, and dive deeper into tracking other things like PMS symptoms, moods, sex drive, water consumption and more. It can also send you reminders that your period is about to start, so you know when to pop your menstrual cup and cloth pads in your handbag, or wear a pantyliner or your favourite absorbent period underwear for peace of mind.

Flo Period Tracker App

Cycles Period & PMS Tracker

If you have ever wished that your partner ‘just knew’ when your period is approaching - this is the app for you. Cycles is unique in that it allows you to track your period and symptoms, but you can also invite your partner to view where you’re at in your cycle. This can be a complete game-changer when it comes to helping your partner understand your moods and planning for romantic evenings (although, there's definitely nothing wrong with enjoying period sex)!

Cycles Period Tracker App

Period Diary

Period Diary is a great all in one app for tracking periods, fertility and ovulation, with automatic period planner predictions to make it easier to plan activities around your cycle. It includes an area for unlimited notes and prompts for over 30 PMS symptoms and 20 moods to help you keep track. It also has password protection to keep your information private and an active community forum so you can connect with women from around the globe.

Period Diary App