Creating a Period Positive House

I recently read an article by Cath Hakanson which struck a chord with me. 

Cath helps parents of adolescents become sex-wise and create open and honest relationships with their kids and the article was about how to promote period positivity in your home. 

All too often, many of us were raised in homes where periods weren't really discussed much past an initial discussion on the 'mechanics' of the menstrual cycle. Having a positive attitude towards menstruation in your home will allow kids to talk openly about menstruation without shame or secrecy. 

This simple but effective hack can help you open up that dialogue with your children...

period positive poster can be downloaded from the Sex Ed Rescue website.

This doesn't have to be confined to home either. I was thrilled to see a basket of tampons and pads freely available in bathrooms at some ski resorts in the USA last year. 

Free Tampons and Pads

If you are an employer with a bathroom frequented by others, why not put together a basket of goodies for your workplace. Some businesses have been doing this for some time and it's said to be a morale booster and was described by one employee as the "greatest thing ever".