Period Sex: Is it Safe According to Medical Experts?

Each month you get a menstrual period while you are in your reproductive years. There's no reason to avoid sexual activity while you're on your period unless you're particularly squeamish. 

Women should not be hindered from doing things that they want because of their periods. You can enjoy intimacy with someone else or on your own! It is time to banish the taboo surrounding sex during periods. Some people don't like discussing having sex while menstruating.

It is a natural part of life to have periods and to have sexual relations. It shouldn't be awkward or embarrassing to discuss both subjects with someone close to them. The same applies to their partners.

Can You Have Sex During Period..?

There isn't much discussion on period sex, so many of us are curious if it's okay. Would it hurt or be okay? Can it be healthy? Is period sex safe, and can you have it? 

Yes, in a nutshell. It's important to be aware of a few things when you or your partner have sex when they are on their period.

If you are on your period, you can get an infection like HIV or STI (sexually transmitted infection) more easily, and although it is less likely, it is still possible for you to get pregnant. In addition to using a condom and/or your chosen method of contraception, protect yourself as you would at any other time in your cycle.

Ways in which Period Sex can benefit a Menstruator

Despite being a bit messy, period sex is relatively safe. It's also true that having sex during menstruation can relieve menstrual cramps, among other benefits. More benefits are listed below:


Pain Relief

Menstrual cramps may be relieved by orgasms. It is due to the contraction of the uterus that you experience menstrual cramps. Your uterus also contracts during an orgasm. It is then released. A release of this kind can relieve some cramps. A release of this kind can relieve some cramps.

In addition to making you feel good, sexual activity also releases chemicals called endorphins. You may also find that you are less bothered by menstrual discomfort if you engage in sexual activity.

Having Shorter Periods

Sex can shorten periods. A woman's uterine contents are pushed out faster by muscle contractions during orgasm. Consequently, periods may be shorter.

Enhanced sex drive

As your hormonal levels fluctuate during your menstrual cycle, so does your libido. Women report feeling more turned on during their period, as opposed to when they ovulate, which occurs two weeks before your period.

Ease headaches

Over half of women with migraines get them during their periods. Some women with menstrual migraines say that sex partially or completely relieves the symptoms of their headaches, even if they avoid sex during their attacks.

Taboo and Shame around Period Sex

Your partner needs to feel free to express their desires without being judged when you're between the sheets. Being represented and having other people normalize our actions and bodies makes a huge difference. Unfortunately, period sex is still taboo. 

The fact that many women have had sex on their period may not be discussed, but a study has determined that the majority of women have experienced sex during their period, and some even prefer it.

 If you suffer from PMS, you may feel like curling up on the couch and forgetting about sex for a week. Nevertheless, it's not uncommon to feel particularly energized during this period. 

The researchers sought opinions on period-related sex to determine if archaic taboos were preventing people from feeling comfortable in the bedroom. A lot of the negative connotations associated with period sex stem from the idea that it is dirty or dangerous, but this simply isn't the case. Among 500 women aged 18 to 50, 82% had sex during their period.

Having sex relieves some PMS symptoms, such as cramps, and it provides natural lubrication. Only 10% of respondents said they found period sex disgusting, while 58% reported that they enjoyed it.

Promoting Body and Sex Positivity

Period sex is still unsettling for women and men because it's messy, blood has odor, and sheets can get stained. Some women are concerned that blood will turn away their male partners.  Men may be intimidated when they see blood and may even think their partner was hurt. Additionally, the embarrassment factor deters some men.

It is false to suggest that period blood is dirty or dangerous, and reinforces the stigma attached to periods. Sex during a period does sometimes get a little messy. 

The clean-up after a sex session can be minimized if you lay down a towel or choose a sex position that works with gravity, such as spooning or missionary.  

There are several perks to period sex if you want to give it a shot, including the fact that it's safe as well as a great natural lubricant.

According to research, orgasms relieve pain and may be helpful if you suffer from abdominal cramps. Similar to orgasming, uterine contractions may lead to blood leaking faster. Your period may be shorter as a result.