The Goldilocks Menstrual Cup

Is there really a cup that’s just right?

“Menstrual cups have eased my period life”, said at least one of your menstruator friends at some point. Reaching this period zen is tricky but definitely worth the effort. Finding the ‘right’ cup is a feat some achieve on their first purchase, while others, well, struggle. Worry not! Looking for the right cup can be a fun, exploratory process that lets you get to know your body better. Here are the things you’ll need to take into consideration to find the right cup for you.


Different sizes For Different Bodies Bodies

You’ll notice that cups usually come in at least two sizes. This is because all bodies are different!  At JuJu, our models 1 and 2 fit most of our users. They are made for menstruators based on age and childbirth history.  JuJu also has two additional sizes for people who have a longer or shorter cervix. Think of your cervix as the ceiling of your vagina. Want to measure your own cervix? Wash your hands. Gently push your index finger into your vagina. If your finger reaches the top at your first knuckle (where your finger bends right after the nail bed), then you have a low cervix. The average cervix length should be felt by your middle knuckle (or a tad bit more), if it takes your entire finger (or if you still can’t feel anything), it means you have a long cervix. 

Your cervix should feel like you're touching the tip of your nose. Remember most people fit within the average cervix length, that means model 1 or 2 works for most people. Pro tip: measure your cervix during your period because our cervix tends to move around during the month. You’ll want to determine your cervix length during your period cycle. 

Choose Safe. Choose Sustainable.

Did you know that an estimated  2.4 kilograms (or around 5.5 pounds) of menstrual product waste is accumulated per person in just one year? This isn’t to guilt trip those who have to rely on disposable period care, but just to highlight that sustainable options really can make a big difference.  At JuJu, we believe comfort and freedom is as important (if not more) than just sustainability. That’s why we’ve made sure that our cups are medical-grade silicone that will last more than five years with the right maintenance. Check the material your cup is made out of and make sure the sellers know how long their material will last over time. 


Design matters. Our cups have a rounded end and matte finish towards the end of our cups so it’s easy for you to grip and pull out. The rest of the cup is smoother so you can clean it easier. Clear cups may gather more obvious stains over time (but others love it because they see exactly how much blood they’ve collected) while others like fun coloured cups that tend to hide long term stains. While you’re comparing brands, make sure you look at the finer details in design and see if they resonate with you. 

Time to Put Knowledge to Practice!

Now that you know what your goldilocks menstrual cup looks like, make sure you check off these points during your upcoming period.

  • After a brief learning phase, you’re able to insert and remove your cup comfortably
  • You’re not leaking, even during the heavy flow days
  • You aren’t able to feel an uncomfortable presence inside your vagina
  • You’re able to run, swim, or even go to the gym without worrying about dispositioning of your cup  
  • You’re fine for about eight hours without changing your cup

If you are leaking, you might need a bigger cup, or might need to measure your cervix to see if you need a cup specifically made for a longer or shorter cervix. It might be a simple case trying another folding method  so your cup pops out right.


In the end, the right cup means having an easier experience with your period. It should not be an overwhelming process, so start slow and try your cup for a cycle or two before determining if it works for you. We hope we have helped you find your goldilocks cup. If you’re still unsure, take our Cup Size Selector Quiz.


Do you have a cup choosing a journey you’d like to share with us or has the cup changed your period of life? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!