Why are menstrual cups scary for some of us?

A Menstrual cup can changes lives, but many still have questions. Let’s talk about it!


We know there are many people who have thought about using a menstrual cup, but still have many concerns. Some of them are uncomfortable, and we’re here to start a conversation. The truth is, sanitary pads and tampons have long been the go to for quick, accessible and effective period care. That said, we all know they end up causing so much waste. Sometimes pads and tampons come with discomforts and restrict our ability to do some activities. But, we get it, why change something that’s been more or less working for you most of your period of life? 

To start with, consider the fact that our comfort and ability to do things normally during our menstruation were not taken that seriously by society, even in recent history. Although the menstrual cup has been available in the market for decades, it’s only now gaining mainstream popularity. A part of that has to do with the taboo being removed from talking about our periods. We’re living in an era where we can talk freely about our needs, and make sure we are able to access and educate ourselves on products that liberate us instead of minimising our period care needs. So, why is the menstrual cup still a big question mark for so many? We hope to demystify it so you can make a more informed choice. 

Is it true you really can’t feel it inside you?

Yes! A menstrual cup can look like quite an intimidatingly large thing to put inside you, but it’s made out of soft and very flexible medical grade silicone. When you’re wearing the right size period cup, you will definitely not feel the cup inside you. You just have to remind yourself to change your cup every eight  hours (some people can go up to 12 hours between changes). It might take a bit of practice to find the right folding technique that works for you (we recommend the classic C fold), but once you feel comfortable with that, you’re good to go for the day! The cup (depending on your body) usually sits a little lower than a tampon in your vagina. Once it’s in and opens up, you can do anything you want - swim, go to the gym, take a run, or just get on with your day. What’s great about JuJu is we offer four cup sizes that will work for most bodies. You’ll definitely want to learn more about them here to start your cup buying journey. 

The ick factor

It’s true. The idea of being so intimate with your body can feel icky and a bit too much for some. Another way to think about using a menstrual cup is realising the opportunity it brings to know your body better. You’ll be able to understand how long or short your cervix is and learn more about your flow (because you can see how much blood is collected in 8 hours). You might take some time to get used to taking your period cup out. It’s perfectly normal to experience a few spills during your first few times. We recommend staying close to a washroom you are comfortable with for your first cycle on the cup. You’ll be a pro at using your menstrual cup after a couple cycles and the ‘ick’ part will seem more and more normal.

Can it get stuck or pop out of me?

This is a very common fear, but fortunately it’s a myth! Yes, the cup can seem to be ‘stuck’ in you, especially if you are a cup newbie, but it’s impossible for it to be stuck inside your vagina. Sometimes the vacuum seal is so firm it becomes hard to take out. The easiest way to take it out is just to relax your entire body and bear down, once you do that it’s much easier to pull out. You can also try putting one leg up on the toilet seat to help. Everybody is different so it takes a couple of tries before you know exactly how best your cups come out. As for popping out of you? That can’t happen either. As long as your cup has been inserted correctly, the walls of your vagina create a natural vacuum and it will stay put until you need to take it out. 

The fear of change

All said and done, it’s human nature to feel hesitant and uncomfortable about change. If a menstrual cup is something you’d like to try, go slow. Purchase one that will work the best with your body. Here’s how you can measure your cervix to help you decide. We’re happy to tell you that JuJu is one of the few brands that make cup sizes specifically for short and long cervixes. Try one out for at least a couple of cycles before you make a decision.  Remember, It’s also totally ok if a menstrual cup is something that doesn’t work for you. There are other ways for you to make comfortable, more sustainable choices and still have a very happy period.


Do you use a menstrual cup? Did you have fears about it before you tried it? How did you overcome them? Do you think we missed out on any fears? Let us know in the comments!