How to clean cloth pads

Your reusable JuJu Cloth Pads require washing after each use, and may require stain removal treatment from time to time. Here are some tips for caring for your cloth pads so that they last you many years.






Before your period

Pre-wash your pad by hand or machine before using for the first time. 


During your period

Pre-rinse your pad in cold water until the water runs clear or leave it to soak overnight

You can machine or hand wash your pad



Hand wash: Hand wash with detergent in warm water

Machine wash: Add to your next machine wash on a gentle, warm wash cycle

linedrypad1.png Line dry, in the sun if possible

Do not fabric softeners

Softeners coat the cotton fibers and reduce the absorbency of the pad

dontbleach.png Don not bleach
donttumbledry.png Do not tumble dry
dontiron.png Do not iron


After your period

Some staining is normal due to the absorbent nature of the natural cotton fibres and should not be cause for concern. For heavy or stubborn stains, try rubbing bicarb soda with a little water on the stains and rinsing thoroughly afterwards.

You can also treat your pads every couple of months or more frequently if you suffer from yeast infections. To do this, wash your pad with a small amount of any of the following; white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, water-soluble tee tree oil or eucalyptus oil.

Thoroughly rinse your pad and line dry, in the sun if possible.


Storing your cloth pads

Once your pads are completely dry, you should fold them and store them in a clean, dry place.  To keep your cloth pad collection neat, tidy and protected, we recommend storing in one of our wet bags.


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