Reusable Pads Pack - Light to Heavy Flow

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Key Benefits

Gentle on your skin with no fragrances, bleaches or dyes

Various sizes for every flow

Fuss-free: easy to use and clean

Add a Large Wet Bag:
Why will you love it?

We create period care products that are designed to make all bodies and flows feel freedom and comfort. We know one size doesn't fit all, nor should it! At JuJu we embrace menstruation by creating more choices for you.

JuJu Pure Cotton Reusable Pads Flow Pack

Finding the perfect fit reusable pads can be tricky, but not with the JuJu Pure Cotton Flow Pack!

Reusable sanitary pads pack that's got you covered

Specifically designed to cater to different period flows, this pack contains seven reusable pure cotton pads to suit light, medium and heavy flow. The pack contains, panty liners, mini cloth pads, regular pads, large pads and also night pads.

More on our cloth pads

JuJu reusable period pads have been lovingly made by hand from super soft cotton. They can be used for menstruation, postpartum bleeding, as a backup when using a menstrual cup or tampon, for light bladder leakage (LBL) or incontinence and are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional disposable sanitary pads.

JuJu cloth pads come in 3 materials (pure cotton, organic cotton and black organic cotton) and may be purchased in different size packs (Triple pack, Flow pack, Sample pack). Store and carry your period flow pack of 7 reusable pads in the JuJu storage bag. A large JuJu storage bag can hold 6 night pads and can be used as a cosmetic or toiletry bag.

Have you tried JuJu's bestselling menstrual cup?

We make your period experience better with every menstrual cycle and the award winning JuJu menstrual cups are a leading example. Our Australian-made reusable cups are a nature-friendly alternative to disposable sanitary pads and tampon. Easy to use and reuse, these period cups are washable and available in different colours and 4 models to suit body type and flow.

Have a lot more questions in mind? That's natural! Refer to the FAQ page and resolve your queries.




Light Flow


1 x Panty Liner

3 x Mini Pads

3 x Regular Pads

Medium Flow


2 x Mini Pads

3 x Regular Pads

2 x Large Pads

Heavy Flow

1 x Regular Pad

3 x Large Pads

3 x Night Pads


JuJu Pads can be purchased as individual reusable pads or if you would like to explore the full range of sizes, try the sample reusable period pad pack, while the triple pad packs are an ideal choice for boosting your pad collection.

* Handmade garment - please allow for a 1cm tolerance measurement. Pads will measure smaller after washing due to the natural shrinking of the cotton fabric.

Reusable Pads Cleaning & Care

Cloth pads are easy to care for and can be hand or machine washed. View the cloth pad care instructions for a comprehensive guide on cleaning and caring for your cloth pads. 


Pure Cotton Pads Manufacture & Standards

Our pure cotton pads are in Korea made from pure, unbleached, no-dye cotton.

Pure CottonNo BleachNo DyeFragrance FreeVegan


JuJu Pads are packaged in recyclable, plastic-free cardboard and plant-based inks are used for printing. 

RecyclablePlastic Free PackagingSoy Based Inks

JuJu Cloth Pad Sizes




Size (W x L)*

Suitable for



7 x 17.5 cm 

2.7 x 7”

Vaginal discharge or light spotting

1 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 19 cm 

7 x 7.5"

Light flow, LBL or as backup when using a cup or tampon

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 23 cm

7 x 9"

Moderate flow, LBL

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 26.5 cm

7 x 10.5"

Moderate to heavy flow, incontinence

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 30.5 cm

7 x 12"

Heavy flow, overnight, incontinence, or as a maternity pad for postpartum bleeding a few days after birth

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 

pads as per Global Organic Textile Standard
pads as per Global Organic Textile Standard

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