Reusable Cotton Pads & Menstrual Cup Starter Kit

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All you need for your period in one set

Try our cup with this simple starter kit

Effective and pH balanced wash

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We create period care products that are designed to make all bodies and flows feel freedom and comfort. We know one size doesn't fit all, nor should it! At JuJu we embrace menstruation by creating more choices for you.

Eco Period Pack - Reusable Pads, Menstrual Cup + Period Cup Cleansing Wash

Pairing our menstrual cup with reusable pads works to cover your period from beginning to end, and do great the environment too. About the items included in this pack:


JuJu Menstrual Cups

JuJu's period cup is Australia's first and most trusted silicone cup. Made from medical grade silicone and with our unique menstrual cup moulds this comfortable and soft cup is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to tampons and disposable pads. Choose the right menstruation cup size by referring to our handy menstrual cup size guide.

Reusable Cloth Pads

Natural, soft, and absorbent Juju's reusable sanitary pads are designed with a moisture-wicking top layer. To prevent leaks the cloth pad comprises of an absorbent middle layers and a soft waterproof cotton PUL outer.

These underwear pads are designed to sit snuggly within your panties for maximum comfort, and being washable ecopads they are also good for the planet.

Cleansing Wash For Menstrual Cups

Our supercharged yet mild pH-balanced menstrual cup wash helps you keep everything clean: it is antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and blended with aromatic lemon myrtle essential oil, a powerful antimicrobial.

With our Eco Period Pack, you have everything that you need for that time of the month and an excellent alternative to disposable menstrual pads and tampons.

We also recommend the JuJu Body Essentials Pack that comprises of a JuJu soft cup, menstrual cup cleansing wash, and reusable non-toxic cotton rounds that are eco-friendly. You can also try our Menstrual Cup Double Pack, which is gently on your body and the environment.

Juju designs products to let you live your life the way you want, not matter the time of the month. Whether you are at the gym or traveling, our range of absorbent period underwear with leak-proof protection and built-in absorbent gusset is perfect for light to medium flows. Available in different styles and sizes, the body-hugging, breathable fabric of our period pants provide unimaginable comfort.

More questions? It's best to know about your body and our products completely. Refer to the FAQ page to get all your questions answered.

    Please choose your period cup model carefully. JuJu menstrual cups and other period products are personal hygiene products and cannot be returned or exchanged. So as the old saying goes, all sales are final.

    JuJu Menstrual Cup Model 1 Clear

    Menstrual Cup Model 1

    Recommend if you are under 30 and have not given birth.

    JuJu Menstrual Cup Model 2 Clear

    Menstrual Cup Model 2

    Recommend if you are over 30 or have given birth, regardless of your age.

    JuJu Menstrual Cup Model 3 for a high cervix

    Menstrual Model 3

    Recommend if you have a high cervix or a long vaginal canal.

    JuJu Menstrual Cup Model 4 for a low cervix

    Menstrual Cup Model 4

    Recommend if you have a low cervix or a short vaginal canal.  

      Please also see the Sizes Page for information on other factors which may influence your choice in model number or try the Quiz below to find your size.

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