Steam Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

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Key Benefits

Sterilize and clean your cups easily

Fit any cup and is a great alternative to microwaving or boiling

Comes in various colours

Colour: White
Why will you love it?

We create period care products that are designed to make all bodies and flows feel freedom and comfort. We know one size doesn't fit all, nor should it! At JuJu we embrace menstruation by creating more choices for you.

JuJu Steam Menstrual Cup Sterilizer 

Clean your period cup within minutes

Steam is a very effective method of disinfection and the easiest way to keep your menstrual cup clean and safe. That is exactly what our JuJu menstrual cup steam sterilizer does. A safe and easy way to disinfect your menstrual cup between cycles, the JuJu menstrual cup steam sterilizer:

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Has a generous capacity to fit period cups of all sizes
  • Quick and easy to use with a press button to start sterilization
  • Has an auto switch off feature that works when the water has boiled dry
  • Fitted with an Australian electrical plug
  • Available in three colours
  • Measures 90mm wide x 150mm high and has an internal chamber 55mm wide x 80mm high
  • Comes with 1-year warranty

How to use the period cup steam sterilizer?

To use the steam sterilizer follow the given step:

  • Plugin the sterilizer and remove the lid
  • Fill the small well in the centre of the steamer with purified water
  • Place your menstrual cup stem-side-up on the inner platform and replace the sterilizer lid
  • Press the start button (a faint red light indicates the sterilizer is working)
  • Wait till the sterilizer has finished (this will take about 8 minutes depending on the volume of water used)
  • Carefully remove the lid to allow your cup to air dry
  • Once the steriliser has cooled, remove your period cup and store it ready for your next cycle
  • Unplug the power cable after sterilization
  • Ensure the sterilizer is completely dry and has cooled before storing


  • When reusing the sterilizer, wait 10 minutes before the next use to give the steamer time to return to a safe


  • Avoid touching the sterilizer during operation
  • Only use on a stable, dry, heat-resistant surface such as a table or countertop
  • Do not put the steamer in water
  • Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the sterilizer
  • Do not drop the sterilizer

Warning: Keep out of reach of children


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