JuJu Period Underwear - Bikini


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JuJu Bikini Period Underwear


JuJu Period Underwear offers absorbent, leak-proof protection for a comfortable, environmentally friendly and worry-free period!

All styles are available in two different levels of absorbency and can be worn alone to absorb light to regular period flow, or as a backup to protect from leaks while wearing tampons or your JuJu Menstrual Cup. They are also ideal for wearing on the days leading up to when your period is due, so your clothes are protected, and you’re never caught off-guard. JuJu absorbent underwear can also be worn to protect from light bladder leakage or light urinary incontinence. 

One pair of light absorbency JuJu underwear holds up to 5ml of fluid (equal to a mini tampon) or one pair of moderate absorbency JuJu underwear can hold up to 10ml of fluid (equal to a regular tampon). They can be worn for up to 8 hours but may need to be changed more often depending on your flow. Small JuJu Wet Bags are ideal for storing spare or used underwear in when out and about.  

Designed with comfort in mind, JuJu Period Underwear is tag-free, comfortable, breathable and easy to care for. Be sure to check out our Period Underwear FAQ for the answers to some common questions about switching to period undies! 


Period Underwear Styles

Three flattering styles to choose from, all with absorbent and leak-proof layers that run all the way up the back:  

JuJu Bikini: Cut a little lower and narrower across the backside than a classic midi brief, this style is perfect for those who like a little less coverage or to wear under low rise pants.

JuJu Midi Brief: The classic hip-hugging Midi Brief offers ample coverage across the backside, while still sitting lower across the hips.

JuJu Full Brief: The Full Brief is perfect for those who like full coverage across the hips and backside and are ideal for wearing overnight for extra protection. The waistband sits higher up, closer to the belly button.


Gusset Absorbency

JuJu Period Underwear is available in two levels of protection;

Light: Can we worn alone for a light flow, or worn as a backup for your menstrual cup or tampon. One pair holds up to 5ml of fluid (equal to one mini tampon) and contains 2 layers of absorbent cotton, a breathable waterproof backing layer and a silky-smooth nylon/spandex outer.

Moderate: Can be worn alone for a regular flow, or worn as a backup for your menstrual cup or tampon on heavy days. One pair holds up to 10ml of fluid (equal to one regular tampon) and contains 1 absorbent cotton layer, 1 ultra-absorbent cotton terry towel layer and a breathable waterproof backing layer and a silky-smooth nylon/spandex outer.

Note: JuJu Period Underwear is not recommended to be worn alone as your only method of period protection if you have a heavy flow, unless you plan on changing frequently. Instead, consider wearing them together with a menstrual cup.




Period Underwear Care 

Wash before first use.

After wearing, rinse under cold water until the water runs clear, then wash on a cold machine cycle with a gentle detergent and line dry.

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not bleach

Do not use fabric softener on as these coat the fabric fibres and reduce absorbency. 


Bikini Size Guide (cm)

Please choose your size carefully, as for hygiene reasons period underwear cannot be returned or exchanged.

Australian Size 6 8 10 12 14 16
Waistband 59 63 67 71 73 79
Side (incl. waistband) 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Front Rise (incl. waistband) 20 21 22 23 24 25
½ Leg Opening 20 21.5 23 24.5 26 27.5 

Need help finding the right size underwear?

To find your perfect size, grab your favourite pair of underwear and measure the waistband, side length and front rise then compare it against the table above. 




JuJu Underwear is packaged in recyclable, plastic-free cardboard. 



Reviews (3)

R Wed 18th Mar 2020


These are smaller than a typical size 10. They are cut far too narrow across the back and do not have a high enough rise in the back either. Very uncomfortable. I have used other period underwear and their size 10 bikini brief fits perfectly. They also have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee where JuJu do not. I purchased 3 pairs, 2 of which are still in their boxes, and all of which are useless to me. Very disappointed.

Leah Thu 12th Mar 2020

Not fully covered

These undies cover all the way up to the top of the butt crack but not the top of the front crack. I have never once leaked out the back, it's always out the front so I don't feel fully protected when wearing these. The front of the padding ends at the same positioning as usual bikini briefs so if you have the same problem as me with that then these may not be for you.

Olivia Wed 18th Sep 2019

Love these

I was so surprised these worked. They feel just like regular undies with a slightly thicker crotch. Great for lighter days and I also wear them as my 'just in case' undies if I'm not sure when my period might start.

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