JuJu Cloth Pads are available in two different choices of top fabric: pure cotton (cream colour) or organic cotton (nude colour).




 JuJu cloth pads come in five sizes; panty liner, mini, regular, large and night. 



Size (W x L)

Suitable for



7 x 17.5 cm 

2.7 x 7”

Vaginal discharge or light spotting

1 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 19 cm 

7 x 7.5"

Light flow, LBL or as backup when using a cup or tampon

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 23 cm

7 x 9"

Moderate flow, LBL

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 26.5 cm

7 x 10.5"

Moderate to heavy flow, incontinence

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 30.5 cm

7 x 12"

Heavy flow, overnight, incontinence, or as a maternity pad for postpartum bleeding

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


Flow Pad Packs allow you to choose the right pads for your flow, or if you wish to try one of each, our Sample Pad Packs are a great option. For boosting your stash, you may want to go for a Triple Pad Pack. Our cloth pads and pantyliners are also available individually.


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