Cloth Pad Sizes

JuJu cloth pads come in five sizes; panty liner, mini, regular, large and night. They are a washable alternative to disposable pad and can be used for periods, vaginal discharge or light-bladder leakage (LBL).

The following illustration and table can be used as a guide to selecting the right cloth pad.


Cloth Pad Sizes




Size (W x L)*

Suitable for



7 x 17.5 cm 

2.7 x 7”

Vaginal discharge or light spotting

1 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 19 cm 

7 x 7.5"

Light flow, LBL or as backup when using a cup or tampon

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 23 cm

7 x 9"

Moderate flow, LBL

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 26.5 cm

7 x 10.5"

Moderate to heavy flow, incontinence

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 


17.5 x 30.5 cm

7 x 12"

Heavy flow, overnight, incontinence, or as a maternity pad for postpartum bleeding a few days after birth

4 absorbent + PUL cotton outer 

* Handmade garment - please allow for a 1cm tolerance measurement. Pads will measure smaller after washing due to the natural shrinking of the cotton fabric.

JuJu cloth pads and panty liners can be purchased separately as singles or in packs. Flow Pad Packs allow you to choose the right pads for your flow, or if you wish to try one of each pad, the Sample Pad Packs is a great option. For boosting your cloth pad stash, we recommend the Triple Pad Pack.

Still got questions about cloth pads? See the Cloth Pad FAQs.


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