Menstrual cup removal tips

JuJu Menstrual Cup Model 4

A step-by-step guide to help you remove your menstrual cup.

For some people, removing a menstrual cup is the trickiest part of using a menstrual cup. With practice, this will become easier.

Thoroughly wash your hands with a mild soap and warm water before removing your cup and follow these removal tips.

1. Practice

It’s a good idea to practice inserting and removing your cup a couple of times a week when you are in the shower before your period starts. This will make the transition easier when you do have your period.

2. Relax and get comfortable

  • Find a comfortable position. For some people, this may be squatting, standing, standing with one leg raised or sitting with the tailbone tucked under. 
  • Squatting or sitting on the toilet and tucking the tailbone under (i.e. tilting the pelvis forward) will shorten the vaginal canal and make the cup easier to reach.
  • Removal is easier if you are not tense. A relaxed jaw is often the trick to relaxing the rest of the body and pelvic floor muscles. Lightly touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and relax the jaw to help your body relax.
  • The shower is an ideal location for removing your cup as you won’t be as anxious about spilling menstrual fluid when first learning. 

3. Release the suction seal

Release the suction seal by squeezing or pinching the base of the cup with your index finger and thumb for a couple of seconds. This will cause the cup to ‘dent’ and the suction seal will be broken or released. You may hear a suction sound as the seal is released.

This is one of the most important steps and is often overlooked. The cup forms a suction seal with the vaginal walls and this is what helps prevent leaking. The JuJu Cup has four holes in the rim of the cup. These holes allow for the suction seal to be released prior to removing the cup so always ensure they are kept clean and clear of menstrual debris.

If you have a high cervix or long vaginal canal, you may find your cup sits particularly high and you may not be able to reach the base of the cup with your index finger and thumb. A cup will often sit higher after sleeping so allow yourself an hour after waking before attempting to remove your cup as gravity will often move the uterus, cervix and cup lower throughout the day. If you are still unable to reach your menstrual cup, try the following tips;

  • squat or tuck your tailbone under to shorten the vaginal canal
  • bear down lightly to move the cup lower
  • slide your index finger only, up beside the cup
  • press the cup towards the centre for a couple of seconds to release the suction seal


4. Move the cup lower

  • Pinch the base of your JuJu cup on the raised butterfly pattern. Pinch firmly enough to get a good grip but not so hard that it would cause the menstrual fluid to spill out of the cup. Some people find completely drying their hands and pinching the index finger and thumb together, before inserting them into the vagina, helps with getting a better grip.
  • Gently ‘walk’ the cup downward towards the vaginal opening, rocking it from side to side and stopping once the stem and a small portion of the base is protruding. Bearing down lightly will also help move the cup lower.

5. Remove the cup

Remove the cup on an angle, removing the top side of the rim, tilting it, then removing the bottom side of the rim.

The Tips for Removing Your Menstrual Cup video has helpful tips for removing your menstrual cup.

Getting used to removing the JuJu cup may take a couple of tries but once you find the method that works for you, it will become easier.

If you have had few attempts and are still having difficulty removing your cup, take a break from it for a while as being tense or anxious may cause the vaginal muscles to tighten which will make removal even more difficult.

The 'Hot Dog in a Bun' removal technique

If you find the regular method of removing a menstrual cup causes discomfort at the vaginal opening due to the diameter of the rim of the cup, gently shape the cup into a ‘c’ or ‘u’ shape; similar to the shape used when inserting your cup.

Folding the cup into this shape will make it slimmer and easier to remove but maybe a little messier.

This Removal Video demonstrates another menstrual cup removal technique known as the 'Hot Dog in a Bun' method.

Please note

The stem on the JuJu cup has been designed to be flexible yet strong. Please don't;

  • Attempt to remove your JuJu cup by pulling excessively on the stem without releasing the suction seal as this will increase the suction and make removal more difficult.
  • Dig long fingernails into the stem as this may cause tears in the stem.

You may wish to refer to our article on what to do if your menstrual cup feels stuck. If you are still unable to remove your cup after a number of attempts, please seek help from a doctor or your local emergency department.