Leakproof period underwear

Why do period undies make our periods better?

Can be worn alone or with cup/tampon

What’s the best period underwear fit for you?

All our mentrual underwear fits come in two flow protection options. Choose light or moderate according to your needs.

Our favorite period underwears

Absorbent Period Underwear

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More Period Underwear Questions?
How do I care for period undies?
After wearing, JuJu leak proof underwear should be rinsed under cold water until the water runs clear, then washed on a cold machine cycle with a gentle detergent and line dried. Period underwear can also be hand washed. Do not tumble dry, iron or bleach your JuJu underwear, or use any fabric softeners on them as this can reduce their absorbency.
Will the period undie leak?
If changed regularly in accordance with your flow, JuJu period underwear shouldn’t leak. Each leak proof underwear pair has a built-in waterproof layer that runs through the gusset and up the back to prevent leaks.
How Long will my reusable period underwear last?
You can wash and reuse them for many cycles, and with proper care, one pair of reusable period underwear should last 2-3 years or more.
Can you swim in period undies?
No, you can’t. If you are open to trying our menstrual cup, that’s great for swimming!

More About Period Underwear

The fluctuating levels of hormones during different phases of your menstrual cycle can add to your anger and pain. And we know what’s worse, the consistent frustration and fear of leaks and stains. However, there’s period underwear to help you escape!

Period underwear is made of cotton/ other absorbent material and is designed to soak your period blood quickly so you don't have to worry anymore. Because period underwear uses extra layers of microfiber polyester, it prevents moisture from coming in contact with your skin and can also be washed and reused multiple times.
A life saver, indeed! Don’t you think so?