Model 1

Great for teens or under 30s with no kids

Model 2

Great for over 30s or if you have kid(s)

Model 3

For higher cervix or longer vaginal canals

Model 4

For lower cervix or shorter vaginal canals

How do I know if my cervix is high or low?

By doing a quick test at home using just your index finger. Your cervix is the top of your vaginal canal. It’s from where menstrual fluid leaves the uterus and flows through the vagina. You’ll want to measure your cervix on the day you’re having your period. This is because your cervix moves around during your cycle.

What does my cervix feel like ?

It should feel like the bump of your nose. Think of it as the ceiling of your vaigina.

How to measure?

Wash your hands. Gently push your index finger into your vagina. If your finger reaches the top at your first knuckle (where your finger bends right after the nail bed), then you have a low cervix.The average cervix length should be felt by your middle knuckle (or a tad bit more), if it takes your entire finger (or if you still can’t feel anything), it means you have a long cervix!

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