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The time leading up to your child’s first period can be nerve-wracking and full of questions that they might be scared to ask.

“When will I know when I am going to get my period? And… what if it happens at school?”

By preparing them with the right information and a school-bag friendly period starter kit, we can help make the experience a much more positive one. As well as empowering the next generation through open, period positive discussions, we also know how important it is to empower them with eco-friendly alternatives for their period. Starting them off with reusable period products, helps them create eco-conscious habits for the future!

The JuJu Eco Period Starter Kit for tweens includes all they need to feel confident, comfortable and cared for when their first period arrives.

We recommend pairing this kit with our one of our Flow Pad Packs or additional pairs of JuJu Period Underwear so they have enough reusable pads or underwear to keep them protected for their full cycle. A JuJu Menstrual Cup can also be added to the Period Starter Kit.

The JuJu Eco Period Starter Kit includes:

Puberty Booklet

This booklet shares information your child needs to know about the changes that will happen to their bodies as well as information on feelings, body image and mental wellbeing. It is written in a super easy to read, fun format. One side is dedicated to girls and puberty and the reverse side to boys and puberty

This resource is an optional inclusion in the period starter kit and was created by the WA Government Department of Health.


JuJu Reusable Pure Cotton Pads

The pack includes three soft, slimline reusable cotton cloth pads comprising of one panty liner, one mini pad and one regular pad.

The cloth pads simply snap around the gusset of any pair of underwear and contain absorbent cotton layers with a waterproof layer to protect against leaks. They are easy to care for and are simply rinsed, then machine washed.


JuJu Period Underwear

JuJu Period Undies look just like regular undies but have a built-in absorbent gusset with a leak-proof layer. They are perfect for wearing as a back-up or wear them if you aren't  sure when your period is going to start. Comfortable and easy to care for; just wear, wash and reuse!

Choose from one of the following different styles to include in your pack:

  • Bikini Brief: a lower cut with less coverage across the backside.
  • Midi Brief: a mid-rise boyleg style with more coverage across the backside and hips.
  • Full Brief: a high rise brief, perfect for extra protection overnight.

JuJu Storage Bag

A discreet storage bag so they can carry their period starter kit with them, perfect for their school bag or overnight bag. JuJu storage bags have a waterproof lining so can also be used as a wet bag to carry used cloth pads or underwear. Available in floral print or denim, these bags measure 9cm x 14cm x 9cm; big enough to store pads and underwear included in this kit, with a little extra room to pop in a special treat and supportive note. 

Check out our guide for preparing an eco-friendly period kit for your child’s school bag for ideas on what else you can include in their kit, and how to have positive and encouraging conversations with them about menstruation! 


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