Reusable Pads Storage Bag - Large

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Key Benefits

Store your used products without worry with waterproof lining and durable material

Perfect for up to 6 pads or as a cosmetic bag

Cute designs that easily fit into any bag

Free Shipping + Refund Guarantee

Why will you love it?

We create period care products that are designed to make all bodies and flows feel freedom and comfort. We know one size doesn't fit all, nor should it! At JuJu we embrace menstruation by creating more choices for you.

Reusable Pads Wet Storage Bag - Large

Size: 9 x 14 x 9 cm
Care: Hand wash or gentle machine


A place to store your reusable sanitary pads and period underwear

Store your reusable pads without hassle in the JuJu wet storage bag - large. These pouches have a waterproof inner lining and zipper closure to allow you to store used menstrual cloth pads when out and about. A large wet bag can store up to 6 JuJu organic sanitary pads and can also double as a cosmetic or toiletry bag. They are available in two styles: a floral print and denim one, and easily fits into handbags and travel bags.


What to put into your JuJu Storage Bag - Reusable sanitary pads, cloth pads & menstrual pads

Pair your purchase with our cotton pads for period that will give you complete protection. Handcrafted from super soft cotton these reusable pads are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional disposable sanitary pads. Our undwear pads can be purchased in different packs (Triple Pack, Sample Pack, Flow Pack, Single Pack) comprising of a range of sizes to provide protection against low, medium and heavy flow.

Why reusable menstrual pads?

Disposable plastic-lined pads and tampons increase waste build-up on our planet. Being eco-friendly is one of JuJu's top priorities and makes reusable period products that are sustainable and create zero-waste. Menstrual pads and reusable absorbent period underwear do just this. Comfortable and leak-proof, both lines come in a variety of sizes to suit different stages of your cycle.

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