Pure Cotton Triple Pad Packs


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For your convenience, you can buy JuJu reusable pads in packs of three. These packs are perfect if you know which pad you like and is ideal for boosting your collection.

The Triple Pad Pack contain 3 JuJu reusable menstrual pads, each of the same size, in either pure cotton or organic cotton.jujuclothpadsizes.jpg

JuJu Pads can also be purchased as individual pads or if you would like to explore the full range of sizes, try the sampler pad pack which contains one of each of the 5 pad sizes or choose a flow pad packs comprising of 7 pads specially selected for a light, medium or heavy menstrual flow. 


Cleaning & Care

Cloth pads are easy to care for and can be hand or machine washed. View the care instructions for a comprehensive guide on cleaning and caring for your cloth pads. 



Manufacture & Standards




JuJu Pads are packaged in recyclable, plastic-free cardboard and plant-based inks are used for printing. 




Reviews (4)

Abby Sat 11th Jan 2020


I had a better experience using these pads rather than disposable ones and they are very easy to wash. Haven't had any troubles. Would definitely recommend!

Jenni Fri 15th Nov 2019

Way bulkier than expected

Obviously very durable, easy to clean, reliable in terms of absorption, I got less "itchy" and excellent for the environment, But so much bulkier than I'd expected - I cycle to work and can't wear these to do this because they're so uncomfortable on a saddle. Also, as other reviewers have said they slip around and fold over so I was never confident in coverage. Felt like I was back in the dark ages of menstrual products. I bought these liners to catch leaks from menstrual cup - I've since changed my cup and have fewer leaks so have given up on these pads and changed to biodegradable liners.

Kerry F Wed 11th Sep 2019

Pleasantly surprised

I purchased the cup a few years ago. Unfortunately it didn't work out - my fingers were not long enough to break the suction and I required assistance on 4 occasions to remove the cup. JuJu's cloth pads recently came to my attention and although dubious, I gave them ago. I have been pleasantly surprised. They perform just as good as the disposable pads but where they excel is in comfort. They feel soft, do not have the crunchy feel of the disposables and are dry feeling rather than the "sweaty" sensation you get with the disposables. They wash up beautifully and the overall minimalist aesthetic is more appealing than the flouncy fabric used by other cloth pad makers. I am so happy with them that I have just purchased more!

LP Fri 10th May 2019

Excellent product

The cotton reusable long pads are brilliant. Very well crafted and wash up beautifully.

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